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  My Wife Just Finished a Shift meem, mis kujutab algset säutsu Jon Reyesi naisest väljas lund kühveldamas.


Mu naine lõpetas just vahetuse viitab seeriale meemid mis parodeerib Kanada poliitiku Jon Reyesi viiruslikku säutsu, milles ta kiidab oma naist, et ta leidis pärast 12-tunnist öist vahetust energiat nende sissesõiduteele lume lükkamiseks. Paroodiad, kasutades algset säutsu kui a fraasimall aastal sai populaarseks Twitter 2022. aasta jaanuari keskel.


8. jaanuaril 2022 säutsus Kanada poliitik Jon Reyes (@jonreyes204) Twitteris [1] foto tema naisest, kes lükkas pärast 12-tunnist öist vahetust haiglas sõiduteel lund, kiitis teda ja lubas talle hommikusööki teha. Foto on tehtud maja seest, vaadates allapoole. Säuts kogus kolme päevaga üle 5800 retweeti, 21 500 tsiteeritud säutsu ja 44 900 meeldimist (näidatud allpool).

  Jon Reyes @jonreyes204 ... Isegi pärast 12-tunnist öist vahetust eile õhtul haiglas on mu naisel ikka veel jõudu sissesõidutee kühveldada. Jumal õnnistagu teda ja kõiki meie eesliinil tegutsejaid. Aeg talle hommikusööki teha. 9:18 – 8. jaanuar 2022 · Twitter Androidile Lumi Selgroogsete Lumi Autode rehv Sõiduk Mootorsõiduk Kalle Autode peegel Kirjatüüp Rehv Talvisport Kohanemine Külmutamistehnoloogia

Isegi pärast 12-tunnist öist vahetust eile õhtul haiglas on mu naisel ikka veel jõudu sissesõidutee kühveldada. Jumal õnnistagu teda ja kõiki meie eesliinil tegutsejaid. Aeg talle hommikusööki teha. 🙏🏽

Alates 8. jaanuarist kasutajad Twitteris [kaks] kritiseeris @jonreyesit selle pärast, et ta ei lükkanud ise lund ega aidanud oma naist selle ülesande täitmisel, vaid näis olevat oma kodus mugavalt. Näiteks sel päeval vastas Twitteri kasutaja @jtylerconway a-ga Minu käed näevad välja sellised meem, mis kogus kolme päevaga üle 2600 retweeti ja 56 400 meeldimist (allpool).

  Tyler Conway O @jtylerconway ... Vastates kasutajale @jonreyes204


Alates 9. jaanuarist 2022 sai säuts kogu Twitteris paroodiateks. Näiteks sel päeval Twitter [3] kasutaja @manurespreader tegi säutsu, mis sai kahe päeva jooksul üle 730 retweeti ja 23 800 meeldimist (allpool vasakul). Hiljem samal päeval Twitteris [4] kasutaja @Real_bear_horse postitas a Neon Genesis Evangelion meem, mis kogus kahe päevaga üle 250 retweeti ja 5300 meeldimist (allpool paremal).

  Tehke vasakut asja @manurespreader ... Vastates kasutajale @jonreyes204 Mu naine lõpetas just topeltvahetuse intensiivraviosakonnas. Ütlesin talle eile, et minu caddy's shifting was a bit off. She surprised me by pulling the tranny and swapped the Johnson Rod. I'm going to have a beer in her honour while she cleans up her oily mess. 12:49 AM - Jan 9, 2022 · Twitter for Android Poster Eyelash Gesture Font Cool Adaptation Happy Eyewear   Bear Horse ... @Real_bear_horse Vastates @manurespreaderile ja @jonreyes204 Mu naine töötas just intensiivraviosakonnas 25-tunnises vahetuses. Siin leiab ta endiselt aega Evangelion Unit-02 piloteerimiseks, et kaitsta inimkonda sissetungivate inglite eest ja takistada kolmandat mõju. Austus meie eesliinitöötajate vastu kõikjal! 13:53 – 9. jaanuar 2022 · Twitter iPhone m-ile Asuka Langley Soryu Outerwear Cartoon Sleeve Red Art Font Poster

Järgnevatel päevadel esitati veel viiruslikke säutse, mis parodeerisid @jonreyes204 postitust.

Cynthia Reyesi vastus

9. jaanuaril 2022 tsiteeris Jon Reyesi naine Cynthia Reyes Twitteris [5] postitus, kirjutades: 'Ma tahtsin ainult labidaga! 🤦‍♀️' (allpool näidatud säuts, vasakul). 11. jaanuaril 2022 tegi Reyes a Facebook [6] postitus, milles ta selgitas olukorda, lükates ümber väited, et abikaasa tegi talle ülekohut (allpool näidatud postitus, õige).

  Cynthia B Reyes @CynBReyes204 ... AILI tahtis kühveldada! Jon Reyes @jonreyes204 · 8. jaanuar Isegi pärast 12-tunnist öist vahetust eile õhtul haiglas on mu naisel ikka veel jõudu sissesõidutee kühveldada. Jumal õnnistagu teda ja kõiki meie eesliinil tegutsejaid. Aeg talle hommikusööki teha. 12:56 · 9. jaanuar 2022 – Twitter iPhone'ile Rehv Ratas Lumi Autode rehv Mootorsõiduk Sõiduk Külmutamine Autode peegel Väljundseade Kalle Autode disain Font Tehnoloogia Auto ekraanipilt   Meid teavitati sellest, et see on seotud, kuid te ei tee seda't know the magnitude of what it is like unless you live through and experience it. This is not easy for anyone. All for trying to do your job to make a difference, make positive change, to serve others and add a pandemic Cynthia Reyes is with Jon Reyes. 19h - O Sorry in advance for this long winded post: But as most of you know, I just wanted to Shovel! to that! Wow it's been a whirlwind of a weekend! Who would have known that So, there are a few things that I would like you take home from our my husband's tweet about me shovelling our driveway after my nightshift would have gone viral? experience. First of all, don't believe everything that you read or hear about in social or mainstream media; secondly, read past the headline: and to know the whole story before passing judgement. Today, we were being asked for TV and radio interviews by many major media outlets around the world, but we declined as I want to That is why I chose to write this, to directly share with those who are interested in knowing us and knowing the entire truth. I haven't really poked my head into the world of Twitter for a while as it is not my favorite, and I was reminded why this past weekend. It is a reminder of how social media can blow things out of proportion and negatively affect many users. Thankfully Jon and I have pretty thick skin, but for those who are young and impressionable, or those who are suffering from mental health issues, or are being cyber bullied, I cannot imagine make sure that people know directly from us what this entire experience has been like so far. Also, we've had many people concerned and asking how we are doing. What people should know is that I came home from a 12 hour night shift at the hospital, it was a good night which lately as you can imagine hasn't always been the case for myself and my Nursing colleagues. As I drove home, it's my time to decompress, I arrived home before anyone was awake, afterall it was a Saturday morning. As I pulled up to my driveway, I felt energy to shovel the snow that fell understanding, objectivity, and respect for each other. being exposed to such a toxic environment regularly. As a society we have to do better. We all need to promote kindness, decency. all night and into the morning. As many Manitobans and Canadians know, it's a great workout, it allowed me to unwind, it's refreshing after having worn an N95 mask almost the entire night, the weather was mild and it was quiet and peaceful. Also, for all the people Lastly, what was said by my husband on twitter was honest, genuine and sincere, this made me realize that I am grateful that he appreciates what I do and that he loves me and shows it publicly, this including us who are concerned about climate change, this is good for is nothing new. I am proud that he is unapologetically himself. So NO the environment, hence we don't need a snow blower! Most importantly, I enjoy it. Jon heard me shovelling, it actually woke him up and he was surprised and impressed to see that I had energy after a long shift to do this, so he took a pic, made breakfast and posted, and the rest is embedded in social media history forever! as per Twitter I will not be divorcing him over shovelling as many have recommended. e It was made out to be something far from the truth and has taken on a life of it's own and this happens every single day in social media/ mainstream media. We have left the tweet up in hopes that others will see how cruel and irrational people can be. Hopefully our experience can be an example of how social media/media can totally manipulate things out of For people that know us, Jon does not work the typical 5 days a week but often 6 or 7 days in a row and easily well over 10-12 hours a day. Yes he watched Tennis until early in the morning. but the fact is he often prepares and reads late at night and over the weekend, so it doesn't surprise me that Jon being a huge sports fan just stayed up in home and family. (My daughter can't believe I had to describe what the wee hours of the morning to watch our Canadians play in the ATP shovelling means to me e) Cup in Australia. context. Truly, my shovelling was an act of self care and taking care of my Thank you so much to all of our friends and family who have reached out to check on us, we truly appreciate the love and support and are blessed. For the most part, I don't really know anyone on twitter, but for those of you who understood what Jon meant, thank To us as a family we share different chores not based on any gender; but mostly on who is available to do it. I'd also like to mention that I dusted off the snow on my daughter's car too that morning, and why not? As that is what our family does. We take initiative and do nice things for one another. It's the way we roll, Jon loves cooking and I love shovelling and vice versa, it's really not a big deal! We all live busy relationships, faith and friendships are compassionate and loving and you. We really want you to all know that we are truly okay, our family lives and we have to get things done. We want to teach our kids hard work and responsibility. It's a must in life and that is why we are able to be productive in all of the things that we want to do. that is what keeps us strong. I wish the same support for everyone. Not the most exciting story, but it's the truth if it is worth something these days in the context of social media/ media. That brings me to the fact that this tweet probably would not have gone viral if the gender roles were reversed, or if my husband were not a politician. I just wanted people to know that when a person enters politics, the whole family does as well. You live under a microscope, you may lose friends and your family will make sacrifices. Thanks for reading this post, Cynthia Reyes Font Screenshot

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